Are you excited about international development cooperation and modern communications tools?

Do you want to land your first job in this area, or maybe you have a position already and now you feel you lack critical communications basics?

Don't worry! ā€” Learn Development Communications is there to help you. We teach you all the professional communications basics for you to thrive in the international development cooperation business.

Hi, Iā€™m Pascal

Working in communications for international development organizations for 20+ years, I've realized that hardly any of the juniors starting in communications positions in development projects are trained in professional communications or have prior experience in this field.

So I decided to set up this online school to show you all the basic elements that go into a strategy, plus providing you with development cooperation specifics nobody ever talks about in detail.

The First Course is on Strategy

There will be many fundamentally important communications subjects to cover in the future. In my first mini-course, I'm going into detail on strategy. Since this is something expected of every communicator and there are usually no colleagues with proper know-how in this area to call on.

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Still not convinced? ā€” Then watch this three-minute video and then enroll. šŸ˜ƒ